Floriculture and horticulture has always been one of the highest contributing sectors, for an agriculture based developing country like our nation, on an industrial scale. Rudyn Gladioli Farm was founded in 1980 by late Mr. Bhim B. Pradhan and his five sons with a clear motive and purpose towards strengthening the floriculture trade in India and becoming one of the most established and distinguished suppliers in the floriculture section of the agriculture sector of the country.

Today, the booming floriculture sector is not only working towards boosting the social and economical welfare of the nation but also working on a key target aspect of boosting environmental management and sustainability effectively and efficiently on a global scale. We being a part of this sector as Rudyn, have completely dedicated ourselves towards providing our customers with a variety of high and best quality plants, improving the quality of lives of our customers and the surrounding environment they live in by reintegrating the beautiful structures of the natural environment with the help of our exotic products. We provide exceptional plants with distinguished benefits attached to each of them. Rudyn offers a wide range of plants and brings you the nursery online where we have an exotic collection of plant species like flowering plants, indoor air-purifying plants, ornamental plants, foliage plants, cacti, succulents, flowering bulbs, and many more, for all our customers and plant lovers across the nation.

Rudyn has also taken the effort of putting together a team of employees which compromises of intelligently staffed people with caring and friendly attitude having excellent customer service skills and prioritizing customer satisfaction as their key criteria above all. The founders of Rudyn have more than four decades of experience in satisfying a lot of retail and wholesale customers creating an unending list of happy and satisfied customers. Along with our products our team also comprises of individuals who have wide knowledge on this field and together we are all ready to provide our customers with the best service making this world a greener and healthier place to live in, one plant at a time.